Since 2002, Remscheid-based PTFE-SOLUTEC has been processing products for laboratory and analysis technology, the semi-conductor industry, the food industry (e.g. tubes for coffee brewers), the chemical industry, medical technology, and automotive and mechanical engineering (especially for manufacturers of heat exchangers for large energy and waste-to-energy plants). PTFE-SOLUTEC focusses on thermoforming and other production methods for tubes made from fluorine plastics, as well as PTFE welding techniques.
The company also uses CNC turning and milling techniques to create mechanically processed custom parts.

High Purity PFA Coil
PTFE moulded hose

Moulds and other devices are made in-house.
We develop creative and economical solutions from the drawings or specifications of our customers for individual
and series parts.
The product photos should only be taken as an example to demonstrate our capabilities. We would like to use our experience to implement new applications for you.